Thursday, January 10, 2008

Film Lesson: Doctor Zhivago

The movie started out before the revolution with Russians marching for change. When the people were getting closer to the czars house he ordered to have them killed. The people were starving and the czar was treating them all unfairly. The peaceful protest lead to many wounded and killed. This was called Bloody Sunday. Another cause for the revolution was WWI. The Russians didn't want to be part of the war. Later on in the movie the Russian soldiers decided to just leave their trenches and with the they got the new incoming soldiers to rebel against the czar. Thus the Revolution was set. In Doctor Zhivago a man was explaining how with communism there would be no czar and that only the workers would rule. The Doctor had a large wealthy house before the revolution but when he came back his large house was being shared with 13 other families. The government owned all the property and gave it to the people equally. Doctor Zhivago even spoke about it being just. But even with everything being shared the people were still poor and hungry. There wasnt enough heat or food to go around to everyone. And since no one can be rich in communism the governent was taking Doctor Zhivagos expensive plates and putting them in storage. Which is basically the government stealing to share with everyone.

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